ANDREA BRIZZI was born in Florence, Italy, where he studied Architecture. He did not learn much.

Based in both Honolulu and New York, Andrea specializes in photographing Architecture and Interiors.

  • "I strongly relate to design and I am intrigued by how the environment we shape shapes us in turn" he explains.
  • He thinks he has identified one reason why photography is such a rewarding pursuit.
  • "Listen to the terms we use" he says, "Shooting, Capture, Got it!..."
  • What we photographers do is a sublimated form of hunting.
  • Even if my particular prey is stationary, the gratification is profound and, digitally, instantaneous!".
  • Patience, perseverance and adaptability are essential skills in both hunting and architectural photography.
  • Construction schedules, weather and the needs of the
  • parties involved demand flexibility and Andrea has reconciled himself with the unpredictability of his work and of life in general.
  • "I rarely take a picture" says Andrea.
  • Most of the images I create are the result of the combination of multiple exposures, be it to tame a wide density range, to combine a few shots to create a panorama, or thousands of exposures to produce a time lapse sequence.
  • Andrea embraces PhotoShop both as a tool and a philosophy.
  • "In real life I am at the mercy of forces I cannot control", he says, "but in PhotoShop I am god!"

Andrea is passionate about his craft and he is convinced he has the best job in the world.


  • - Phase One 100 Megapixels (with 15 stops dynamic range, it's as big and as good as digital gets) using a large technical camera, Also "Full Frame" 35mm digital photography.
  • - Panoramas, from simply combining two pictures to create a wider view, all the way to 360 degrees.
  • Andrea pioneereed the technique he calls "Multiple Points of View Panorama". He moves the camera to photograph multiple head on elevations and then combines the images into an optically impossible yet effective composite picture perhaps resembling more an architect's rendering than a photograph.
  • - Aerial and Unmanned Aerial aka "Drone" Photography.
  • Andrea has been an early adopter of this exciting new technology.
  • Always a great perspective, sometimes a camera in the sky is the only way to do justice to a waterfront or mountainside property or a large development. Andrea carries both the required FAA Pilot Certificate and Liability Insurance.
  • -Time Lapse. Thousand of images combined to produce a videos that add a "fourth dimention" to the built environment. Architecture, as Julius Shulman noted, moves (along with the earth).
  • Clouds passing behind a building, the transition from day to night, maybe someday a yearlong sequence of a tower growing like a tree.
  • - Extensive Post Production capabilities.
  • Among the software used:
  • Adobe Lightroom, Bridge and PhotoShop
  • Capture One
  • PTGui (Panorama Tools Graphic User Interface)
  • Photomatix Pro
  • Quicktime
  • Etc.

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